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Beginning with formal pedagogy training in college, I have continued to develop my craft for teaching under the guidance of Dr. Rebecca Folsom. 

I often reflect on ways that I can demystify my role as a voice teacher. There are many ways to train a voice and a number of them focus on the functional effect, rather than the functional cause. Training a singer to focus on the functional effect often targets the sounds that we create (aesthetic), rather than how the sounds are created (function). 

Echoing the concepts of Cornelius Reed, many common approaches to teaching lack the distinction between the art of singing and the process of building a voice. Functional vocal training is the practice of vocal technique extending from an organic place and such extension is subject to nature’s law: mind, body and voice coordination. Mind, body, voice coordination allows subjective and objective concepts to exist under the umbrella of science and nature's laws governing the function of the vocal mechanism.

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White Feather



"Working with Tim is a true pleasure. He is very knowledgable and able to extract the best sound from each student in a fun, relaxed setting."
Susan Van Dyke
Chorister at United Parish, Boston MA
"I've been teaching my choir techniques that I learned with Timothy. It's pretty amazing. 
Susan Deselms
Minister of Music
The United Parish, Boston MA
Temple Shir Tikva, Boston MA
"Timothy helped me recognize the potential in my  own voice and thus I have gained tools to use a vocal coach."
Nicholas Pothier, Pianist and Vocal Coach 
Peabody Preparatory, Baltimore MD
DMA Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
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