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Timothy's students have been awarded merit-based vocal performance scholarships to Baldwin Wallace University, Capital University and Ohio State University. Private students have distinguished themselves in competitions such as the Clara Schumann International Vocal competition (Third Place '22), the Toronto Mozart Competition, and the Opera Tampa D'Angelo Vocal competition.  


Hello, I'm Timothy! Singing runs in my family, so naturally I spent my childhood performing with members of my family, which led my sister and me to discover our shared love for teaching. When I am not teaching, I am a working singer-actor with credits in opera, musical theatre, early music and contemporary works. After a busy summer of performing with Utah Festival Opera, I have started a new chapter in New York City. Recently, I started coursework for a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in vocal performance at Stony Brook University on Long Island, while performing around New York. Take a look at my schedule for upcoming performance details! 

As a teacher, I continue to develop my craft for pedagogy and singing under the guidance of my mentor, Dr. Chad Payton and my teacher, Dr. Rebecca Folsom. 

I often reflect on ways that I can demystify my role as a voice teacher. There are numerous ways to train a voice and many of them focus on the functional effect, rather than the functional cause. Such an approach may work for some, but can ultimately cause confusion and frustration for a novice singer, especially considering the variety of venues in which we are asked to sing. Conditioning a singer to focus on the functional cause allows them better understand how sounds are created (function) rather trying to reproduce sounds themselves (aesthetic).

In my practice, I have tried to hone the distinction between the art of singing and the process of building a voice. Functional vocal training and mind, body, voice coordination allows subjective and objective concepts to exist under the umbrella of nature's laws governing the function of the vocal mechanism and the acoustic properties of the unamplified voice. 

Contact me below to set up a session. I cannot wait to meet you and work together to unlock a voice that is uniquely yours! 


All publicity photos by Amy Livingston Photography

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